So, you’ve decided it’s time – you want to buy or build your next home. But, what next? We’ve come up with these handy steps to help guide you on your new venture!


At the top of the list in every new home construction checklist should be financing. First, and foremost you need the cash or financing to build your new custom home. Without this, you won’t make much headway in your new home construction project. Find out what banks will loan you money, how much money, and at what terms.  For more information on lenders in the Houston area, please contact us for references.


Houston is a diverse city, rich with culture, art, and good food. It’s important to know what area of Houston fits your budget and lifestyle. Because Houston is a booming city, it may be best for you to live close to where you work or perhaps where your children go to school. You can navigate to our Resources menu to explore a few educational websites on moving to Houston and finding which neighborhood would be best for you. Make sure to learn about the differences between the Heights’ non-historic and historic districts, as this will affect remodels and new construction.

We build primarily within the inner loop Greater Houston Heights (as pictured above). If you have questions or need additional help in deciding what works best for you and your budget, we can assist you with our in-house real estate brokerage firm.


Having your overall budget in mind, you can begin looking for a lot in your desired neighborhood.

  • I do NOT have a lot yet.
    Do you have a real estate agent?
    • Yes: We love working with agents and can assist them in your search.
    • No: Our in-house real estate team can help you get started!
  • I already own / am in the process of purchasing a specific lot!
    Important information you will need:
    • Land Survey
    • Title Commitment


Other things you might what to consider are what type of project you want to do. We offer remodel, spec, semi-custom, and custom homes. If you don’t have architecture plans, we work with trusted architects and can discuss what type of project fits your time frame and budget. If you’re curious what we’re currently working on, and what may become available soon, see our Upcoming Projects.

Ready to schedule a phone or office appointment? We are dedicated to assisting you with any questions you may have no matter what stage you’re in of this process. Once you have what budget, location, and project type you have in mind, we can begin discussing your ideas, options, construction estimates, and get started making your dreams come true!

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L&B Limited Company